Workshop on Distorted Images of God



Heaven at My Door

I hear you tapping gently, but oh, so persistently. Your morse code of desire moves in waves from the door to the inner chambers of my being. It seems you are always there, vulnerably offering your self, your love, your goodness. Heaven is standing at my door, seeking entrance and I hesitate. Love is offering […]


We howled happiness sitting together in the gentle morning light. It was no joke, only delicious delight in each other and living gratitude for so much grace, that sent us silly. Later, when I was still and listening, you took me back to those shared moments of holy howling to let me look again into […]

True Love

You call me a name unimagined, raising me up from the place I have fallen. “My beautiful one, rise,” you say, as you lift me with graceful motion into your embrace. “The rains have stopped. The winter is over. The season of singing has begun. Come, let me show you what winter’s deaths have birthed.” […]

Your Will

The familiar words spill off the page, falling onto my lap. What? Really? Joy is your will for me? It sounds like pollyanna pretense. It is not how I imagine your will to be, I protest, scooping the words into my hands. Continual joy, prayer and thanksgiving? I hold the words up to you because […]

Open Spaces

The land stretches far, moving beyond horizons on every side, lying flat, receptive, beneath the great sky. Broken open by farmers’ plow prepared to drink in rain and sun and yield the staff of life. We call these vast open spaces, these majestic plains, the Heartland. And I think, as I fly above them in […]

Perfectly Loved

“I know things aren’t perfect,” she said as an aside, judging the imperfections she observed by harsh standards she holds herself and others to. The wonder, that I noticed with quiet celebration, Lord, was my ability to embrace this truth with gratitude. Not perfect. Yes. But no shame. Only quiet joy. Messy. Healing still. Not […]